checking in

Listening to the wonderful GOTTERDAMMERUNG from the Royal Albert Hall while packing and enjoying a lazy Sunday here in hot Albuquerque with family.   We have arrived at the first scene of ACT Three… and its all glorious.

In trolling my feeds – The Collaborative Piano Blog (which always has pithy relevant items) had this …

Schumann’s Rules for Young Musicians

I will post the entire set at my Music blog… wonderful advice!

Now back to the Rhinemaidens…

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One Response to checking in

  1. I have been listening to this all afternoon and evening, simply wonderful. Much though I love Die Walkure and think it is my favourite, I find I change my mind as soon as the dark brooding beginning of Gotterdamerung hoves into view. Loved every minute of it.
    Note: Bryn singing Hans Sachs in Die Meistersinger in 2008/2008 season at Welsh national opera. I am already saving up


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